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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

….the old man is snoring!
Our garden is thankful for the rain we got today. Especially these peppers!

It’s been really dry around these parts for most of July. This is one of the first rainstorms we’ve gotten in almost a month. Not sure if the dry weather is a factor with our tomatoes that refuse to turn red. We’ve been eating a lot fried green tomatoes lately. Recipe to come soon.

Even my Kong Rose perked up with the rain drops.

And our water hyacinths are doing really well!

This is my first attempt at gardening since we moved into the house and all in all I think I’m doing well. Fingers crossed, nothing has died yet!

We’ve got patty pan squash, 3 different kinds of tomatoes (roma, heirloom and big boy), all different kinds of herbs and 5 different kinds of peppers (jalapeno, banana, thai chilies, red peppers and habanero). I accidentally picked up a habanero plant at the market and thought they were another banana pepper. Whoops!

It’s going to be HOT HOT HOT tomorrow. Forecasters are predicting a HIGH of 90 degrees with PM thunderstorms. Hoping for more rain so I don’t have to break out the hose!